Dynamic Parapodium is a mechanical positioning device made of Chromium coated steel. The Parapodium consists of the following elements:

  • Safety belts or chest support
  • Lateral arm support
  • Corset
  • Corset flap with cushion
  • Handles
  • Corset lock
  • Knee holders
  • Stabilization rod
  • Lateral supports
  • Lower joint
  • Runners and platforms
  • Lateral safety supports
  • Comfortable cushioned upholstery of the chest support, front part of the corset, back part of the corset extra cushion.

The driving force for the movement of the Parapodium is provided by alterations of the gravity center of the patient. Even slight sideways movement of the upper part of the trunk which causes lifting of the runners from the ground is sufficient to initiate the movement of the Parapodium. Coordinated movements of the arms, the hands (slightly raising the handles of the Parapodium) and the trunk make the motion more uniform and the steps much longer.

  • Synchronized balancing and lifting the handles (handgrips) will cause forward movement
  • Synchronized balancing and delicate pressing the handgrips down will cause backward movement
  • Synchronized balancing and pulling the handles (rods) to the sides, in a clockwise direction - will cause the devise to turn right.
  • The speed of the device - max 10m/min
  • Balancing in a cycle of 1 swing/1 sec
  • Lifting the runners up from the ground at a level of 3-5 cm


  • Platforms - front, back, right, left
  • Knee holders - up, down, right ,left, turning around horizontal axis
  • Corset - width, depth. Height of corset's - up, down. Corset's suspension point - front, back
  • Angle at which the lateral supports on which the corset is suspended slant - front, back (around the axis of the lower joint).
  • Angle of the corset's suspension - around the axis of the upper joint, just like the
  • positioning of the corset's shock absorbers changes.
  • Positioning of arms - front,back,angle positioning
  • Height of lateral arm supports - up, down.