The company has been specializing in the production of high quality preventive and corrective footwear for over 15 years.

Orthopedic line of footwear and inserts was created with the recommendations of orthopedists and physiotherapists. The design of our shoes is based on many years of cooperation with Polish and Austrian orthopedic doctors.

The company’s focus is high level of adaption to accommodate children’s feet needs and custom-made footwear.

The basis for our models are the designs which incorporates the latest market trends. Hence, even a child who requires footwear with advanced correction features does not need to feel uncomfortable in the company of their friends — instead they may feel pride at wearing our footwear.

Doctors who deal with children's feet on a daily basis can check and evaluate the prophylactic and corrective action of our footwear.

Individual footwear is not the only feature that distinguishes the brand from the others.

Our quality

Only the highest quality materials that have safety approvals are used.










All our shoes are made of natural leather therefore they are softer, more flexible and fit the shape of the foot better. Leather is the natural environment for the feet.

Water resistance due to the TE-POR membrane (in a selection of models).

Natural, breathable environment for your child’s feet.

There are no seams inside the shoes, ensuring a feeling of comfort and preventing skin abrasions.

They help to stabilize the foot.

The footwear we manufacture is certified by the Central Laboratory of Footwear Industry in Cracow and was awarded the “Healthy Foot” certification.

Soles produced by the renowned Vibram® company guarantee elasticity, additionally assisting in the training of underdeveloped longitudinal foot arch in children.

Appropriate width ensures freedom of the little feet and room for their growth.