Need a stander? Choose the one that lets you walk!

Spinal cord injury put you in a wheel chair? Get up and walk!

Five adjustable models made to fit small children, teens and adults. This unique device enables rehabilitation in an upright position. Designed for people with lower extremity paralysis or Infantile Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida, the "Dynamic Parapodium" enables independent, safe movement in all directions on flat surfaces. By leaning from side to side and pulling with arms on the hand grips (Velcro clinchers available if needed), the user can walk forward, backward and turn.

Medical Benefits include:

  • Safe and comfortable standing and locomotion
  • Preventive treatment of bedsores
  • Restoring proper functioning of internal organs
  • Rehabilitation with ergotherapy
  • Reducing muscular spasms
  • Normalization of cardiovascular system problems
  • Improving respiratory system
  • Helps prevent the disintegration of bone mater

Parents: Give your disabled child an opportunity to walk even if unable to use other mobility devices. Get your child up off the floor. It is boring to be restrained in an old fashioned stander. Give them freedom and fun. Start with standing then assist in rocking and stepping. Soon your child may be able to move independently. Get the feeling of walking and exercise at the same time. The benefits will multiply, strengthen muscles; improve weight shifting and experience a gait sensation not found in static standers or wheeled walking aide devices. Easy to get in and get out, even from a wheel chair - two straps and one buckle. Compact, fits all door ways.


Dynamic Parapodium - a kind of orthosis (a technical construction used for the purpose of control of movements, providing aid to, or total or partial reduction of load on the selected elements of the supportive and locomotor system of the body) stabilising, equipped with the base of large surface area,used for subject with lower extremity and trunk paralysis allowing to assume an upright position without additional support on crutches and sitting up.

Dynamic Parapodium - Parapodium - orthosis system making active rehabilitation and movement (gait) possible.