SHOE-ORTHOSIS EmBrace with Boa system can be custom made

Measurements for Aurelka® Shoe-Orthosis EmBrace


• Height of the upper (K)

• Calf circumference at the top of the upper (L)

• Calf circumference at the widest point (M)

• Height of the widest point of the calf (N)

• Height of the rigid part (heel counter) (O)

Please email custom made measurements to or put them in Comments while placing an order

While taking measurement it is important to remember:

  • Another person's assistance during the measurement may prove useful.
  • The measurements should be taken in a standing position, while in the case of people who cannot walk - in a sitting position with a right angle under the knee.
  • Each foot should be measured separately.
  • In the case of footwear for already obtained inserts, the measurement should be taken with the insert placed under the foot.
  • In the case of footwear for orthoses, the measurement should be taken while wearing the orthosis.
  • Taking the measurement of foot circumference in orthoses, one should include straps, closures, hinges adding to the footwear's size.
  • The measurements should be provided in absolute terms, i.e. they should not be approximated, nor increased at one's discretion - in the shoe design process, all the necessary approximations will be included. 
  • Frontal and lateral photographs of the feet should be taken and attached to the order. 

Foot Measurement

Foot Measurement Guide for Aurelka®
Custom Made Footwear

  • Foot/orthosis contour
  • Joint circumference (A)
  • Instep circumference (B) 
  • Heel circumference (C) 
  • Ankle circumference (D)

Foot Contour Measurement

  • Foot / orthosis length (E) 
  • Joint width (F) 
  •  Heel width (G)

In order to take measurement of the foot, follow the instruction below:

1. Standing on a piece of paper draw the contour of foot circumference.

In order to take the contour of the foot correctly, one should hold the pencil at the right angle to the paper.

2. Take measurement in centimeters of the distance between the extreme points in the drawing (a & b).

In individual cases, taking additional measurements is recommended; these may include:


  • Toe circumference
  • Toe height (H) 
  • Height of the great toe joint (I) 
  • Height of the arch of the foot (J)